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Nextt is a diversified manufacturer of world-class home textiles, garments, apparel fabrics and polyester yarns, selling directly to manufacturers, exporters, importers, retailers and some of the world's top brands. Nextt has focused on world-class infrastructure, best-in-class technology, uncompromising quality standards and dynamic product innovation.

  • Nextt is a global winning vertically integrated textile company who got its start in the Home Textiles Sector in 2004.
  • The largest integrated textile company in the country with five core divisions: Home Textiles, Apparel Fabrics, Garments and Polyester Yarns, Cotton Yarns
  • Nextt is a public listed company, listed on Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • Overall we are a $3.5 billion company.
  • Nextt is the first Indian textile company to receive FDI Investment in 1998.


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design studio

Our studio was established in 1987 as a New York Corporation.  While becoming a marketing powerhouse and the studio created a niche because of their value oriented approach to sales.  The company maintains a permanent showroom, office and design studio at 105 Madison Ave. 

In 2010, the company acquired Raymond Waites Designs. RWD is a design and licensing company that has 12 licensees in decorative fabrics, bedding, bath and decorative pillows, storage, wallpaper, area rugs, dinnerware, flatware, stationery, toiletry and lighting.  Licensing has become a huge growth area for the company and added to the bottom line significantly.

Raymond Waites Designs was established in 1994 and has been the forefront of design for the home since its beginning. Raymond Waites Designs employs in-house designers who create over 1,000 new products a year.  The designs produced by RWD help major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Belk, etc.

Our Showroom


The iconic brands of Ellen Tracy, Raymond Waites, Charisma and Jessica McClintock to name a few, each find their home in Nextt's new showroom of private label home textiles at 105 Madison Avenue. Nextt, leads the home textiles industry with creative design, signature brands, outstanding merchandising, and now with a chic and elegant urban showroom. 

The interior, sensitive to supporting the vibrant textiles, is a modern classic composed of neutral woods, textured surfaces, and exotic stonework. Arun Agarwal, the Chief Executive Officer of Nextt, notes that Nextt's talent for manufacturing and celebration of elegant simplicity is reflected in the interior design work of Rei Diaz and Architect Fu Yokota. 

Articulating the principles of Vastu, signifying the importance of floor layouts and movement of energy, Nextt's new flagship is a design statement with good energy that provides a serene energetic workspace. This environment of 17,000 square feet is inspiring for both private Client consultations and for shopping the collections in an open floor plan and Nextt's new 5th floor Design Studio provides a collaborative working space for creative product design. 

Our Brands

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In the Press

Alok Completes Managment control at next creations/raymond waites designs

In 2010, Alok International had invested in Next Creations Holdings, LLC. with the objective of strengthening it’s US operations and design capabilities.  With immediate effect, Alok has taken full management control of Next Creations including it’s branded business, it’s license with Charisma, as well as private label.  This will also include Raymond Waites Design brand in all applicable categories. 

As part of the new structure, Michael Vidra will remain president of the company and report to Arun Agarwal, the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors.

“We are thrilled about the new resources this will bring to our company which not only helps tremendously to service our current customer base but also helps in our aggressive growth plans including the new growing categories such as soft window, kitchen textiles and bedding,” said Arun Agarwal.

 “Alok is a market leader in the industry and I could not have been happier to see the control of the company going into the hands of a better company.  I feel this will help the evolution of Next and will take it to the level I have always dreamed of,” said Michael Vidra.

Both companies will show in the newly expanded showroom at 105 Madison, on the 4th floor, in a space reflecting simplicity and elegance based on the principals of directional signs, Vastu, designed by Rei Diaz and the architect Fu Yokota.

MARCH 13, 2014

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